I had the pleasure to curator a week of Chinese photography on Lenscratch lately. I had an idea of running a website introducing emerging Chinese photographers in mainland China years ago, but eventually gave up for other things in my life. When Aline asked me to introduce some Chinese photographers on her famous website, I was very delighted. I introduced 5 emerging Chinese photographers. Each of those photographers I have been following for years and am still in love with their current work. They are from different genres, some are more documentary, some are more conceptual.


Going-home.Stunned the passengers.2006


Wenjie Yang

Last summer_Wenjie Yang18


Zhang Jungang and Li Jie



You Li



Ren Hang


Nancy Fouts

January 16th, 2013






Happy to find an awesome artist today, Nancy Fouts. I love her cute and evil style.



My friend Zeng Han is going to have his first solo exhibition in New York at 456 gallery on this Friday. Read the rest of this entry »

My friend Bo Wang is going to have a solo show opening at Gallery 456 this Friday. He’s in SVA master program right now, a fine art photographer coming out from physics background. http://www.bo-wang.net

Press release here: http://www.caacarts.org/dp/?q=/node/15&id=142

Chino Otsuka

June 19th, 2009


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Chantal Michel

May 8th, 2009


I found a wonderful photographer thru Design Milk today.

Chantal Michel

So many great photos, you will be blown away.


I carried a Sophie Calle’s book home tonite. Yesterday I went to see her show in Chelsea, almost cried.

Tonite my moro is on his way to Texas to be a Japanese cowboy for 5 days.

Had too much coconut bubble tea tonite. ..

Aipad show’s happy find: Gilbert Garcin

Su-Yen Chae

November 15th, 2007

I don’t know her. But since I saw her photos in “American PHOTO On Campus” magazine, I cannot forget about them. So I came back & looked for her photos. There’re definitely some similarities between her work & mine.






“Situating myself as an object in carefully constructed settings, I try to capture moments of emotional crisis and social disconnection in everyday life. A combination of contradictory emotions—uprightness and vulnerability, humor and tragedy—often inhabit my work.”

I can totally feel her feelings (at least I think) when she’s making the photos. The feeling of “I have to make this idea of image happen. It will look so nice.” That’s what I feel when I’m taking my good photos.

I also see the similarity thru the rigid pose of these pictures, a feeling of formality(拘谨). We both came from Asia, out of a graphic design background.

I love her choice of color but somehow I feel the final images look a little dirty. She has a strong sense of certain fashion. & her images are darker than mine. They remind me of Korean horror movies.

She probably graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 2007. There’s really not so much about her online. I hope she’s still in US & maybe we can be friends.


October 5th, 2007

刚看完ALEC SOTH的展览回来。他展了五幅一组的北京地道的黑白照片(不知道北京哪里有,看上去是可以给人参观的),一张大彩照,3张很小的黑白的鸟的肖像。最有意思的是一个14分钟的短片,拍的是得克萨斯某个小镇的街角,从午后到天黑,对着一个老电影院,你可以看到车流来来往往,鸟群飞来飞去,听到周围的声音。因为角度一点不变,时间长了,观众变开始找细微之处,比如鸟的飞行模式,背景声音。。。

Just back from Alec Soth’s “Tunnels and Birds” show. He showed a group of 5 B&W photos of Beijing Tunnels (I have no idea where in Beijing can you find them, they look like places for visit), one big color photo, & 3 small B&W bird portraits(How he present the 3 small B&W photos is interesting. The way they are put into frame look like printmaking.) The most interesting one is his 14’30 sec long video piece. The video was taken somewhere in Texas, a old rundown theatre around cornor from afternoon to night. You can see cars going by, birds hovering around, hearing ambient sound. Since the camera stayed in the same position, people began to search for subtle details as times goes by, like birds’ flying pattern or the background voice …

Maybe there’s no real deadpan photographer. No matter how subtle it is, they are always looking for sth awe.

If there’re some real deadpan artists, whose responsibility it is to understand the art work, the viewer’s or the artist’s?
If there’re some artists completely give up subjective expression, & leave the responsibility to viewers, let the viewer give the meaning to the art work. Is it possible? Is it OK?