A Vision Across Boundaries

June 26th, 2012

I’m happy to announce that my work will be included in “A Vision Across Boundaries” show at VT Artsalon in Taipei. The opening is on July 7th. There will be artist talk in Taipei on July 7th & in Tainan on July 8th. This is the first time my work is shown in Taiwan, & also my first time visiting Taiwan. I’m so excited about this trip.

Exhibition:2012/07/07 – 2012/08/04
Reception:2012/07/07 (六) 19:00
Location:VT Artsalon 非常廟藝文空間
B1, No.17, Ln.56, Sec. 3, Xinsheng N. Rd, TaipeiCity 104, Taiwan.

Tsao Liang-Pin 曹良賓 (Taiwan)│Liao Yi-Jun 廖逸君 (China)
Ahn Jun 安晙 (Korea) │Yojiro Imasaka 今坂庸二郎(Japan)

Curator:Lin Yi-Kuan 林宜寬

Artist Talk:
Date:2012.07.07 (Sat) 15:30~17:00
Organizer:VT Artsalon
Moderator /:Chen Wen-Chi
Venue:Fotosoft Institute of Photography
Add:1F.,No.7, Alley 40,Lane 181,Zhongshiao E.Rd.Sec.4,Taipei City 10690,Taiwan
Website:http:// www.fotosoft.com.tw

“Zongmu”(縱目) is a mask artifact from the Bronze Age in Sanxingdui archaeological site in Sichuan Province, China. Its most striking features are the over exaggerated and protruding eyes, telling us even early in history man has emphasis on the visual aspect of the world. We can only wonder how the view from its eyes, differ from us human; similarly we will always wonder what is the world like through others eyes, as seeing is subjective to each viewer,
and will be overlaid with our imagination and memories.

In VT Artsalon, Taipei, curator Lin Yi-Kuan 林宜寬 uses “Zongmu” to advocate this concept of seeing for her exhibition “A Vision Across Boundaries” 跨渡縱目 group exhibition by Asian photographers. The exhibition feature Tsao Liang-Pin 曹良賓 (Taiwan) Liao Yi-Jun 廖逸君 (China) Ahn Jun 安晙 (Korea) and Yojiro Imasaka 今坂庸二郎 (Japan), all from Asian backgrounds and studied in the US. Although in the US all four artists share the similarity of being international student from the East, but coming from different parts of North Eastern Asia, their nations have a delicate and unique relationship toward each other. Imprinted with their cultural, and influences, the four artists crossed over physical and metaphorical boarders, choosing their unique perspective and view of the unfamiliar country. The resulting differences in their atheistic preference and the presentation techniques create a clear and striking contrast between their works, as  result the curator choose to show the exhibition in a combination of “Sketch of cityscape” by Tsao Liang-Pin  and Liao Yi-Jun, and the “Crossing of Space” by Ahn Jun and Yojiro Imasaka; offering viewers two initial path to access “A Vision Across Boundaries”.

For “Sketch of cityscape”, Tsao Liang-Pin and Liao Yi-Jun present their way of understanding an unfamiliar world from the outsider point of view, and reflecting on their own self. Although often close to their subject, still choose to describe things from a distanced and critical point. While “Crossing of Space”, Ahn Jun and Yojiro Imasaka focused on the exterior and shapes of the cityscape as they capture the drama of fear and reliance. From the limited space saw both the moment devastation as well as aesthetic belief from the place most different from their own.

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