One thing you shouldn’t do is to wake me up before I natually do, especially when I’m still dreaming. Like one day, Moro called me at around 1:30pm. I was really about to wake up but still in dream. I got up, answered his call with my eyes closed for 10 mins. In my mind, I knew it’s time to wake up & get dressed. But my body was so upset that I went back to bed & slept until 3:30PM. If I was not woken up by Moro’s phone call, I would probably got up in 10 mins. But I was really mad about being interrupted in my dreams, so I wasted 2 more hours. I call this retaliatory sleep.

有一件事你最好不要做,就是在我自然醒之前弄醒我。比如有一天, MORO在下午一点半给我打电话。我当时其实马上要醒了,但是梦还没做完。我起来,闭着眼跟他打了10分钟电话。我很清楚是时候醒来了。但是我的身体非常的不满意,于是我又回到床上睡到三点半。如果我没有被MORO的电话吵醒,我大概最多再睡10分钟。但是我真的很生气做梦被打断就又浪费了2小时。我叫这种为报复性睡眠。

One place I really enjoy in NY is Shizen Salon. It’s a Japanese hair salon which gives you shizen(NATURAL) hairstyle. I’ve got my second haircut within 6 weeks, because I can’t wait to go there. Everything makes you feel so comfortable, you’ll know what I mean if you go there. It’s hard to make appointments, you have to do it one month in advance.


They also have super cool wall mural.他们有很酷的壁画。

HHS this Friday 6-8pm

January 28th, 2009


January 26th, 2009



I haven’t moved again actually. Although I wish I did. All my life, I’ve never stopped believing I’m a alien. Back to Mars, Mars!

Auction, auction!

January 2nd, 2009


Emerging Photographers Auction
Presented by Daniel Cooney Fine Art, New York
January 2 – 21, 2008

All lots available for viewing at Daniel Cooney Fine Art during regular business hours and by appointment.

Daniel Cooney Fine Art
511 West 25th Street, #506
New York, NY 10001,
phone: 212 255 8158

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11 – 6

Daniel Cooney Fine Art is proud to announce our second Emerging Photographers Auction with iGavel. The auction is a curated group of 40 images by very promising emerging talent. This is a special opportunity to introduce young artists to collectors at all levels as all reserves are set at $200.

Happy Bidding!!

Dexter Stradegy | Dexter 策略

December 25th, 2008

Well, in my dream the other night(one or two month ago), I was determined to fight a group of gansters myself. Being a small asian girl, I had to find some smart way to put them down. So I got a seringe with 2 needles, one big, one small, filled with venom. I went to their back & gave them a sweet shot seperately. One guy even thought it’s some kind of drug & shot himself.


What’s going on lately?

December 13th, 2008

1. I’m moving to Brooklyn, NY next week.
2. I’m a Hey, Hot Shot!
3. I’m traveling with my mom & aunt thru US.
4. I updated my website
5. I’m really tired.  

… & later

6. I got an interview from NYMPHOTO.

My MFA show

November 6th, 2008

Art Museum, University of Memphis (AMUM) CFA BLDG room 142

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Yijun Liao, Robert G. McCarroll, Chandler Fulton Pritchett
November 8, 2008 through January 10, 2009
Opening reception Friday, November 7, 5 to 7:30 PM

Yijun Liao (“Pixy”) is a talented young photographer. For this project Liao will showcase “film stills” from various
imagined films in her mind. A very unusual cinema experience! A native of Shanghai, Liao came to the U.S.
three years ago to pursue her MFA in photography. Her work has been described as inventive, “personal,” and as “having a subtle sense of humor.”

“ The Phone Always Rings on Sunday Mornings” 2008, C-print, 16×20 inches

Chandler Fulton Pritchett’s work will be displayed in the ArtLab gallery. “Deltiological Lexicology: Hand-painted and
Electric Ephemera” is an installation of 172 hand-painted postcards, sensitively rendered in watercolor. The grid of postcard
paintings will be “interrupted” by digital projections of additional paintings of variable scale. The viewing experience will then illuminate
the ephemeral nature of the postcard as a new image is presented every few seconds in an almost-animated
volley of visual information. The subject matter of the images ranges from almost abstract paintings of clouds
and jet contrails to very specific painted references to the work of photojournalists, such as Nick Ut’s Napalm Girl photo,
and Kevin Carter’s 1993 Pulitzer prize-winning Sudanese famine photo.

“ Escape” watercolor on paper, 2008, 4×6 inches

Robert G. McCarroll is a sculptor and production potter. His latest body of work springs from his life’s
experiences and skills. He combines aspects of production pottery and automotive parts to create a series
called “Fiesta ware,” the title relating both to a popular Ford model and a line of production pottery known by this name. The automotive
pieces are a vehicle to show the viewer different aspects of human relationships.

Fiesta ware: “Double Pumped,” 2008, 7 inches high

I look … happy I guess

Me with adorable Robert

must have photo

Lovely Memphis Family

Too cute, Jed!

All live photos by Sunny Montgomery


film still from the Letter
film still from the Letter 

film still from holly trip
film still from Holly’s Trip to the Earth 

shanghai diving
film still from Shanghai Diving Platform  

Film Still 

This project is a tribute to all the great films I haven’t seen. I’m very interested in those film stills that I don’t know which films they belong to. The unknown film still can always trigger my imagination, & thus become a perfect film in my mind.

In this project, I setup scenes that I would like to see in a film. I pretend that these photos are from real films with various names. Most of these photos depict individuals in certain environments. They all seem to be lost in thought. What are they thinking about? In fact, they are thinking about whatever I asked them to think about. They could be thinking about whatever you think they are thinking about. These photos are from films that exist only in my mind. Now they become films that exist in your mind. In this way, the imagined film is transferred from my mind to your mind but with a meaning of its own.

* Due to my poor English, I’m not sure you can really understand what I’m saying.


the Arctic ocean 北冰洋

August 18th, 2008


I went to the Arctic ocean with Moro last night. We met a group of adventurers travelling to the Arctic ocean by fire ballons. & we hopped onto the last ballon on an impulse.


After we got there, we heard one man just died. He died mysteriously after he received a black camera with no glass no mirrow.  I tremble at the thought of that camera.


When Moro tried to explain my dream, he thinks the black camera is just a pinhole camera. I was very surprised to find out his knowledge about photography in real life is more than mine in dreams.

海豹餐 Seal Dinner

August 12th, 2008


 One of my friends’ friend invited me to his own cooking, Seal Dinner. I said to my other friend, “Come eat with me. I’d like to try it. I’d feel better if you eat with me.” The seal’s fur is shinny oily black. He pulled his fat body into the big bowl himself.